Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening service in Nottingham

Teeth discolouration can occur for a variety of reasons, and we will provide a whiter look for your teeth without harming their health.

With food, tobacco and time all having an impact on teeth, tooth bleaching can help restore their previous look.

Cosmetics without enamel removal

Our teeth whitening service is committed to ensuring that your teeth are not affected negatively in the quest for a better look.

We will not remove teeth enamel as part of our teeth whitening service, and will also help offer advice to ensure that teeth discolouration does not reoccur if possible.

Scale and polish service

Some teeth discolouration can be reversed without the need for intensive dental work.

Should a simple scale and polish be enough, then our dental hygienist will be able to give you the relevant advice and provide the necessary service. We also offer micro polishing for effective results.