Infiltration Treatment

Infiltration Treatment, How it Works?

Infiltration Treatment uses new generation dental materials. Bringing a new approach to combat patients caries (decay) early without sacrificing healthy hard tissue. In just one appointment, and without drilling or anesthesia.

The intelligent principle:

The substance is a highly fluid resin which penetrates into the enamel caries and blocks the diffusion paths for carcinogenic acids, thus preventing advanced stages of caries.

In a healthy mouth, the demineralization process is balanced with remineralization. Although remineralization can occur naturally, from salivary minerals, it is a slow process. The demineralization/remineralization balance is influenced by many circumstances.

In an unhealthy, or unbalanced mouth, with repeated acid attacks, the demineralization process overtakes the remineralization. With continued mineral loss, white spot lesions can occur. White spot lesions are a preliminary stage of the caries process. These lesions occur with breaching of the enamel layer by acids resulting in subsurface demineralization. This leads to an increase in the porosity of the tooth and subsequent change in the optical properties of the enamel. The subsurface mineral loss alters the refractive index. In other words, light reflecting off the lesion behaves differently and thus we see a “white spot.”

As long as the surface of a lesion remains intact there is a possibility for arrest or remineralization.

Icon (DMG), caries Infiltration CONcept, is a product used to arrest further demineralization of lesions. In a nutshell, the procedure involves the use of an HCl etchant to erode the surface of the lesion for the purpose of exposing the lesion porosities. This step is followed by drying and infiltration of an incipient lesion with an unfilled low viscosity light cured resin material. This micro-invasive treatment method creates a diffusion barrier not only on the surface but within the hard tissue thus stabilizing and arresting the caries progression.

Infiltration Treatment
Before and after infiltration treatment

Fluorosis treatment using Icon infiltration

The answer to white spots? "I can Icon!"